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Pressure (2006, Lena Dunham)

In the end credits, Pressure refers to itself as a film (by Lena Dunham). However, it’s a lot more of a video by Dunham. Given it’s from 2006, Dunham and her camera operator, Hannah Lesser, don’t even have the excuse they shot it on a cellphone to make up for the shaky camera and incompetent framing.

Pressure feels very much like something someone made for fun with their friends–in this case, Lesser and Dunham’s costars Sarah Hymanson and Maia Rotman–not anything Dunham took seriously.

It’s unclear if Pressure‘s ad-libbed, in which case I suppose Dunham is sort of less at fault. Hymanson has the most dialogue and, in addition to just being a terrible actor, she keeps looking at the camera. Pressure blunders.

The final gag’s should be funny, but Pressure‘s so incompetent it doesn’t work.

Pressure reminds a little of terribly unfunny Kevin Smith.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Lena Dunham; camera operated by Hannah Lesser.

Starring Sarah Hymanson (Sarah), Lena Dunham (Lena) and Maia Rotman (Maia).


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