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Stopover in Hollywood (1963, Will Williams)

A shot from STOPOVER IN HOLLYWOOD, directed by Will Williams for Paramount Pictures.

Shockingly enough, Paramount Pictures produced Stopover in Hollywood. Watching the short, it’s hard to believe any studio put money behind the lame travelogue–especially since it doesn’t make any use of the Paramount studio. Just off the content, I would have guessed Marineland paid for it–and maybe the Corriganville Movie Ranch theme park–since those two attractions get the most in-depth screen time.

Otherwise, Stopover is a weak effort featuring a Marilyn Monroe “lookalike”, Lori Lyons, walking around (poorly) in high heels and a tight dress. She’s a tourist (and a loose one–she gets picked up at the end). Lyons doesn’t have any lines, but she’s unable to look interested in the things she’s seeing.

Stopover isn’t even interesting as a time capsule, since most of the shots are from cars and Williams’s photography is bad. The awful editor goes uncredited.

And Walter Kray’s an awful narrator.

1/3Not Recommended


Photographed, produced and directed by Will Williams; written by Williams and Larry Graburn; released by Paramount Pictures.

Starring Lori Lyons and Tony Winhall; narrated by Walter Kray.


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