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Ultimate Spider-Man 42 (August 2003)

Thanks a lot, Bendis, I was really liking this issue–even with Geldoff’s eurotrash hair–until it turned out the whole thing’s just a set-up to bring in the X-Men.

Or the X-Girls.


The issue opens with Peter heading over to confront Geldoff, who he’s heard is blowing stuff up. It then turns into Peter (in costume, obviously) trying to understand Geldoff and explain the great power, great responsibility thing. The conversation turns heated a couple times and Bendis handles it. He handles the store robbery Peter adverts as an example of it all.

Then he brings in the X-Girls to save the day and the issue bellyflops. It’s the first time (I can remember) Bendis gets to have Peter talk these issues out and he invalidates it with a lame soft cliffhanger.

It’s still well-written, Bendis’s finale is just infuriatingly hackneyed and cheap.

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