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Ultimate Spider-Man 41 (July 2003)

In some ways, less than nothing happens this issue. Bendis resolves the previous issue’s cliffhanger, but without a Geldoff confrontation. The name’s a Pink Floyd reference, right?

Anyway, Peter, Gwen, Liz and Mary Jane run for it and basically have a talking heads adventure. It’s a comic about nothing and it’s utterly fantastic. Bendis gets to play Gwen and Liz off each other, but also have Gwen orbit around the quieter Peter and Mary Jane interaction. It’s great scene writing from Bendis. Ultimate Spider-Man is like a touching, sincere and often rather well-written sitcom.

Just a serious one.

Like Flash Thompson. Bendis is clearly building up to something big with Flash. At least he’d better be since he’s dragging it out so long.

The issue restores the status quo a little bit, bringing Bendis back into a comfort zone–but even if it’s narratively easy, it’s rewarding reading.

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