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Ultimate Spider-Man 40 (July 2003)

What’s a Geldoff?

Bendis skips Peter’s angst this issue, which still deals with the aftermath of the Venom arc. Instead, he concentrates on the practical. What’s Peter going to do about a costume?

For an Ultimate Spider-Man comic, there’s actually a lot of scenes. There’s stuff at school, stuff with Peter trying to get a costume, stuff at home, then stuff at the party.

But there’s a lot going on in those scenes. Bendis is laying a subplot with Flash, he’s still working through the Mary Jane breakup and he’s got a lot of great friend stuff between Peter and Gwen. She makes for an excellent sidekick.

Bagley runs into a big problem with Mary Jane in her slut gear, though. She’s utterly indistinguishable until it comes up in dialogue. Kind of kills the scene.

As for Geldoff, the car-destroying, longhaired “bad” guy?

I’m holding judgment on him.

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