Ultimate Spider-Man 37 (May 2003)

How many scenes do this comic have? I think four. But the second is a continuation of the first. Peter wakes up from a nightmare–one where Bagley’s art seems like Clayton Crain has CG’ed over it, which is a nightmare in and of itself–and goes to Mary Jane’s. They talk.

So, scenes one and two.

Scene three, Eddie Brock eats a cleaning lady, which makes Venom happy.

Scene four, Peter is at school and Venom comes over to play.

Bendis gives Peter enough internal angst it could be a Russian novel–he heads out to get eaten by Venom because he deserves it for unleashing the monster. This “sacrifice” comes after he’s gone over to Mary Jane’s and confessed his love.

She doesn’t reciprocate.

Most of the issue still works, even though it’s too short and the end’s lame. The Mary Jane scene is fantastic, especially Bagley’s composition.