Ultimate Spider-Man 36 (April 2003)

And, almost immediately, it gets less impressive. Bendis wastes an entire page on a really bad monologue of Peter revealing himself to Eddie (and lying to him, which at least implies Bendis wasn’t napping through the scripting this issue). It’s not a bad comic, but it’s more of Bendis taking an issue to do what he could have in eight pages.

He’s also being reductive with Eddie’s character; once he’s revealed to be a bad guy, the interesting parts of his character evaporate too. Bendis squishes him down to be two dimensional.

Still, there’s a nice little moment with Peter and Gwen. They work well as roommates, especially given the oddness of the living situation.

It’s not a bad issue, it’s just mediocre. It’s the Ultimate Spider-Man standard.

The art’s real nice in the Gwen and Peter scene though. Bagley and Art Thibert subtlety emphasize the emotion quite well.