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Watchmen (1986) #2

Watchmen  2

I found another issue with rereading Watchmen after knowing so much about Moore’s writing process on the series. I keep thinking about the structure, particularly this issue, since it has flashbacks and Moore added those later. Rorschach’s investigation closes the issue, but lots of flashbacks open it.

Laurie goes to visit her mother, giving Gibbons the opportunity to visually show the mom being passive aggressive. Sure, Moore focuses it with dialogue at one point, but after its already played out as subtext.

The flashback scenes–whether the attempted rape, the Comedian killing his pregnant girlfriend or quelling a riot–are all very effective. But none are sublime. The sublime Moore reserves for the present day, it seems.

It’s also interesting to think of the series as a monthly, since almost no characters get a reintroduction here. Moore expects readers to pay attention. Otherwise, they won’t understand.

He’s got a point.

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