Watchmen 1 (September 1986)

Before starting Watchmen this time–at least my third time reading the series, if not fourth–I wondered how many times one can read it and still get something out of it.

The second reading, of course, is to see how Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons layered it all, with Rorschach’s early appearance, and then the final zoom mimicking the first one.

But once Dan and Laurie went to dinner–to be honest, I had to look up her name (I thought it was Sally)–I realized one can probably reread Watchmen quite a bit.

It’s not about the layering or the commentary on comic books, it’s about the fun. Moore’s writing is exceptionally strong and gleefully inventive. For example, the romance between Dan and Laurie is expertly handled, with not even a line foreshadowing here.

Watchmen is, on a fourth read just like the first, an excellent comic book.

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