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Batman 361 (July 1983)

Here’s the problem with Man-Bat stories. They’re basically all the same (at least in this era). Langstrom screws up, becomes Man-Bat, does something bad but probably not fatal to anyone and then Batman cures him.

The details are different, sure. For example, in this issue, Man-Bat grabs Jason Todd so Bruce is really peeved. But he doesn’t try to kill Man-Bat. He comes around and realizes Langstrom just needs the cure.

The most interesting thing in the issue is the last page, when Gordon gets stuck with Harvey Bullock as an assistant. It’s pre-cartoon Bullock and he’s a real heel. It’s compelling.

As for the rest, the unoriginality can’t compete with Newton. His Man-Bat is both physical and frightening; there are some beautiful action sequences.

Moench’s writing is good too. He relies on exposition a little much, but otherwise he does well.

It’s fine.

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