Star Wars: Crimson Empire 2 (January 1998)

For some of this issue, the Gulacy sci-fi art makes one forget it’s a Star Wars comic and imagine it’s just a Gulacy (with Doug Moench) comic. Then Richardson and Stradley have some awful dialogue from the big villain and the illusion comes crashing down.

It’s like the comic can get away with bad dialogue because Star Wars got away with it. But there’s a lot more of it here, as the bad guys bicker with each other.

Still, the story’s compelling enough the dialogue doesn’t matter. Oddly, the good guys’ dialogue is fine. It’s just the insidious declarative statements.

By the end, when the bad guys attack, Gulacy nicely gives the art a cinematic pace.

The story’s somewhat predictable, save a couple details, but with the action scenes sold it’d be hard to not be enjoying it. It’s a Western set in Star Wars land. Lots of fun.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    While this comic has it’s inspirational center on the adventure schtick, it’s the only Star Wars comic I can say I read with enthusiasm. Gulacy’s art makes it incredibly easy to move along and ignore the lesser aspects of the writing. Good fun stuff.

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