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The Nose (1963, Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker)

A scene from THE NOSE, directed by Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker.

The Nose is an example of pinscreen animation. If I understand it correctly, thousands (over a hundred thousand, for example, in the case of The Nose) of pins are put on a board and moved and photographed under different lighting situations.

The result is startling. Directors Alexeieff and Parker are able to not just create fantastic transitions–the settings literally slide from one to the next–but also the most amazing movement of figures. The figure movement in The Nose is some of the most natural animation movement I’ve ever seen.

The story concerns a man who may or may not have lost his nose and, to a lesser degree, the barber who may or may not have found it. The nose–either in reality or dream–runs off and decides it wants to live away from the man’s face.

The story barely matters… Alexeieff and Parker’s animation is unbelievable.

3/3Highly Recommended


Directed and animated by Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker; screenplay by Alexeieff and Parker, based on a story by Nikolai Gogol; music by Hai-Minh.


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