Daredevil 6 (January 2012)

I really like this issue, but seriously… is Waid going to soft relaunch the title every arc?

Once again, he changes the entire Daredevil landscape, adding Daredevil being hunted by all the Marvel Universe terrorist organizations to the already full plate. It’s like he’s shifting A plots to B plots and vice versa; he hasn’t given Daredevil a chance to breath and get comfortable. Who knows… it might be a good approach to make a modern mainstream comic accessible from issue to issue.

Waid also solves his big Daredevil problem here. This issue is all Daredevil (well, okay, Matt’s in his suit for the epilogue) and Waid handles it. The fight scene with Bruiser is fantastic, though the character’s motivation and, especially, his costume are weak.

Oh, and the cliffhanger resolution from last issue is pat.

But it’s an excellent issue, even with my complaining. Probably the best so far.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    I have to disagree with the Bruiser’s costume. With it’s luchadore trappings and the race car driver style endorsement logos from terrorist organizations all over it, as well as the fact that it’s GREEN make it a perfect statement for today’s short sighted, buffoon like c list super villains. nuff said.

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