Daredevil 3 (November 2011)

I’ll bet if Matt didn’t have the surfer dude hair he wouldn’t do so well with the ladies. Waid’s emphasis on Matt’s Lothario ambitions is maybe my favorite thing about his Daredevil. It doesn’t fit Matt, but somehow it does. And Waid delights in giving Foggy indigestion over all Matt’s new ideas.

But those scenes come at the end of the issue, which is really strong. It’s the more comedic stuff, the montages of courtrooms… it’s where Waid makes Daredevil gleam.

Where he doesn’t, this issue anyway, is with the actual Daredevil stuff. Klaw is the name of the sound guy. He shows up in a broken suit with an interesting backstory. Except the broken suit is really dumb looking.

Waid hasn’t figured out how to play to Rivera’s strengths. In another awkward scene, Daredevil’s running around shedding electrical junk. Looks silly.

The strong finale makes up for the rest.

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