Daredevil 2 (October 2011)

Oh, hey, it’s that sound guy from Secret Wars. I can’t remember his name–with the funny hand and the red outfit.

Unfortunately, having the sound guy in the issue doesn’t save it. Waid’s pacing is disastrous. This story continues the same day from the previous issue and almost nothing happens. Daredevil fights with Captain America–Rivera doesn’t draw a good Cap, it actually makes the comic visually unpleasant–we find out Foggy’s got a girlfriend and Daredevil talks to a lawyer friend.

But nothing happens.

The implication some supervillain is behind Matt’s client having trouble is another weak point. Waid’s going to have to explain it rather well to sell the idea, especially since it rang of police corruption last issue.

I still like Daredevil, but Waid’s plodding is killing any excitement. I really think the issue only had four scenes. Four scenes isn’t enough by a long shot.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Yes, the book from issue to issue, has it’s difficulties in plot and pacing. Sore spots to be sure, but not a killer for the book surprisingly. Waid continues a writing style with roots in the difficulties of his Irredeemable comic. Lots of little tid bits of info, but little resolution. He actually succeeds in making most of the DD run so far enjoyable on an issue to issue basis. The Klaw storyline is a misstep in emphasis, and never really resonates. The next one with the Luchadore for a villain is much more successful.

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