Snarked 3 (December 2011)

Half this issue is spent with Scarlett on a mission to burgle the castle. The other half is Walrus, McDunk and the prince trying to find the quartet suitable transport.

Things do not go well for either set of characters.

What’s particularly nice about this issue of Snarked, besides Langridge’s wonderful panels (one of his best, sadly, is one of the smallest panels in the issue), is the plotting. Langridge is clearly setting the series up for a big event, one for a collection (their mission is just taking shape), but he keeps each issue separate enough to work on its own.

There’s a particularly nice juxtaposing of Scarlett and Walrus here. They’re the only smart characters; while Scarlett is much smarter than Walrus… he is more experienced. Langridge has it come through this issue.

Snarked, at the third (or fourth, counting zero) issue, has an assured depth.

It’s great.

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