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The Saga of the Swamp Thing 29 (October 1984)

This issue isn’t really a Swamp Thing comic, more an Abby one. Moore frames it in a dream, but a dream where Abby remembers all her latest experiences with her husband. Her possessed, dead husband who’s not really her husband.

While the end revelation is incredibly disturbing on a few levels, Moore makes sure the whole issue is uncomfortable. Abby’s investigation into her husband’s condition has a lot of effective uncanny revelations.

As usual, the art from Bissette and Totleben ties it all together. They only have one nice moment, when Swamp Thing and Abby meet up. Moore does the whole “falling in love” thing great. It’s not subtle, but it’s also not obvious. The unspoken element, of course, is the giant swamp monster. Abby lights up in that scene; great expressions from the artists.

The issue is expository, positioning the series for what follows.

Even so, it’s outstanding work.

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