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All-Star Western 3 (January 2012)

There’s something missing from this issue. There’s lots of Western action–including a great scene of a gatling gun taking out Hex’s associates on a Gotham street–and the atmosphere is amazing. So it’s not that part of it… it’s the rest.

There’s no story.

Gray and Palmiotti resolve their lame cliffhanger in a page, so fast I didn’t even realize what happened, and then things race along. There are a bunch of conversations, an action scene, and the revelation Hex has something else to do in Gotham.

All the conspiracy stuff and character development are gone. But the issue’s so fun… I didn’t realize it until I had finished reading.

Moritat is getting a little loose, but he still delivers.

The El Diablo back-up is weak, except for Jordi Bernet’s art. It’s really talky and Gray and Palmiotti seem to be going for an ominous finish. They fail.


No News Is Good; artist, Moritat; colorist, Gabriel Bautista. El Diablo; artist, Jordi Bernet; colorist, Rob Schwager. Writers, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti; letterer, Rob Leigh; editors, Kate Stewart and Joey Cavalieri; publisher, DC Comics.

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