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Green Lantern Corps 3 (January 2012)

Geraldo Borges is the “guest” penciller. I’m not sure he’s particularly welcome. He’s not terrible, but he’s not good either.

The issue is all action, taking place over a couple hours at most. Guy and John are in trouble, they call for backup, the backup Lanterns bicker then come and save the day. Then the lead up to the soft cliffhanger starts.

Along the way, Tomasi reveals more information about the bad guys and… Well, I think I just covered it all.

He writes this issue of Corps like it’s a Western and the pacing is a problem. None of the issue’s events are interesting enough to warrant twenty-two pages. It’s like a five minute battle scene in a Western, without the accompanying character moments and whatnot. One major thing happens in the issue, otherwise it starts in the same place it finishes.

Still, it’s harmless DC sci-fi fun.


Force of Will; writer, Peter J. Tomasi; penciller, Geraldo Borges; inker, Scott Hanna; colorist, Gabe Eltaeb; letterer, Pat Brosseau; editors, Darren Shan and Brian Cunningham; publisher, DC Comics.

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