Ka-Zar the Savage 18 (September 1982)

Well, Anderson’s back in a “layout” capacity. Gil’s finishes are often pretty bad. Jones’s writing is strong enough to get the issue through, but it would have been far better with good art.

A botanist, his straying hussy wife and their sidekicks land in the Savage Land and throw Ka-Zar and Shanna’s day-to-day for a spin.

The hussy’s after Ka-Zar, who’s naively polite, but Shanna gets it. Jones again gives Shanna the most to do in terms of reaction. Ka-Zar might get into a couple fights, but it’s Shanna who figures out what the fights are about.

Unfortunately, the cliffhanger’s weak–Jones wants to take Ka-Zar to the city and is apparently willing to do anything to get him there.

Mayerik is back for another of the charming backups.

Jones clearly does not like Ka-Zar to be too strong a protagonist… and the comic is better for it.

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