Ka-Zar the Savage 15 (June 1982)

Brent Anderson did “thumbnail layouts” for this issue, Gil does the rest. So there are some beautifully composed pages and panels and then not the art to make them work. Gil seems better suited for cartoonist work, not jungle adventure. Especially not a jungle adventure where subtle, poignant emotions are going to play a part.

The issue continues Jones’s pacing problems from the previous one. Even though the issues are immediately subsequent, Jones treats them like time passes. Just because the reader has had a month to sit on a story doesn’t mean the characters have….

As a result, Shanna’s emotional state has moved a lot and the ending, which is exceptionally predictable, falls flat. Jones finally confronts Shanna’s sociological superiority to “savage” peoples and that moment does work. The end could have been so much better.

The Val Mayerik illustrated backup is quite good. It improves the issue overall.

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