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Ka-Zar the Savage 13 (April 1982)

I want to love this issue but I can’t.

Jones gets Shanna and Ka-Zar out of the Atlantean technology, away from their sidekicks, and back out into the jungle. Ka-Zar is jungle adventure after all.

The issue opens with this amazing argument–going at least three pages (while they’re setting up camp)–between the couple. It’s fantastic stuff about Ka-Zar’s immaturity and so on.

Then Shanna gets whisked away by a raging river and ends up with these awesome monkey people. They’re very nice, desperately romantic (spouses kill themselves after being widowed unless they have a child) and Shanna takes up with a monkey man and his adorable daughter.

Jones writes Shanna, for the most part, as an intelligent, strong woman. But she falls in love with every suitor she meets… in an hour. And she’s always ready to get married.

So, while it’s a good comic, it’s too screwy.

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