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Ka-Zar the Savage 10 (January 1982)

Jones sends Ka-Zar, Shanna and company to Hell.


This issue is good, though not great–Jones is playing within a self-imposed constrain; there’s only so many places he can go. And they’re in Hell, after all, it’s not like Anderson has a lot to draw besides scary residents. Except a couple amazing double page spreads of the landscape.

I’ve realized what’s going on with Anderson–some of it, anyway. He’s really slight on Ka-Zar’s face. It’s like he’s trying to draw him dumbfounded all the time. Otherwise, the art is pretty strong.

Jones also establishes Ka-Zar is out of regular continuity. There’s a brief exchange about comic book reading preferences and, no surprise, Ka-Zar makes Marvel his. But Shanna, the smarter one, is a Superman aficionado.

The issue plays like Jones was reading Dante’s Inferno and wanted pay homage, but it’s enthusiastically well-written.

Ka-Zar‘s (almost) back.

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