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Ka-Zar the Savage 9 (December 1981)

Ka-Zar is nowhere near the level it was three issues ago, but Jones has definitely partially recovered. He gets away from the Atlantean technology and gives Ka-Zar and Shanna a real problem to deal with.

Shanna loosed a giant griffin (inadvertently) and they need to deal with it before it kills all their flying friends from back when the series was awesome.

Jones paces the issue really well, manages to work the character drama into it too. Shanna’s got a love interest (a robotic one) and Jones sells her conflict. His characters are far from perfect; she’s a little bit fickle and Ka-Zar’s occasionally a moron. Their lack of perfection makes all the difference.

Unfortunately, Anderson’s still rushing through. His panel composition is stunning–there’s one amazing sequence in particular–but his level of detail is still low.

I like this Ka-Zar issue… but I miss loving the every issue.

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