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Ka-Zar the Savage 4 (July 1981)

Lots more Robert E. Howard influence to detail again. This time it’s lost Atlantean machinery. Now, it works great as a plot detail–and as machinery, apparently Atlantean devices are easier to use than Apple ones–but it’s got me confused.

Ka-Zar is in Marvel continuity, right? Their Antarctica is all funky with these lost lands. But Namor’s from Atlantis, isn’t he? In other words, it isn’t hard to find Atlantean technology. And why’s it in Antarctica?

But those are small detail problems and the issue’s still another great one. Ka-Zar and Shanna meet up with one of his other love interests and have some problems. There’s also a dinosaur and a cute flying bat creature.

It’s the closest Jones has done to an all-action issue, with barely any time for Ka-Zar to pause to reflect. Anderson’s art carries the reader through.

Ka-Zar continues to impress.

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