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Batman and Robin 3 (January 2012)

What’s up with the cliffhanger? Batman and Robin have been kidnapped and tied up and the supervillain is going to make them watch a movie at the drive-in.

It’s so out of place with the rest of the comic, I flipped the pages, wondering if there’d been some incredible misprint. Nope… they’re really just tied up and about to watch a movie.

It’s an okay issue otherwise. Gleason has some nice action sequences, but the lengthy talking scenes seem to bore him. Damian has some funny moments with Alfred and poor Ace the Bat-dog is still sadly unnamed.

Bruce–even as Batman–barely factors into this issue and it’s a problem. Tomasi doesn’t have the content for it just to be Damian’s issue. Damian’s problems with Bruce don’t make it compelling. The better written beginning is dramatically pointless once the second half’s events occur.

It’s sort of messy.


Knightmoves; writer, Peter J. Tomasi; penciller, Patrick Gleason; inker, Mick Gray; colorist, John Kalisz; letterer, Pat Brosseau; editors, Harvey Richards, Katie Kubert and Mike Marts; publisher, DC Comics.

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