Ka-Zar the Savage 3 (June 1981)

So another similarity between Ka-Zar and Conan? Every woman Ka-Zar meets is beautiful… and of loose morale character.

I wish the series were about Shanna, being some dedicated scientist who goes a little crazy with the jungle boy, but it’s all an act.

Anyway, Jones’s back on track, even though the last issue was only the most minor dip. He’s confronting Ka-Zar’s personal weaknesses, juxtaposing them against Shanna’s strengths.

Ka-Zar is shockingly good jungle adventure. I can’t get over the quality of Jones’s writing on the series. He’s not just using Conan for inspiration, he’s also dedicating himself to each issue being a full experience. There are plots and subplots and cliffhangers… for each issue.

Having Anderson is, of course, key. Anderson’s able to make striking panels, which convey all the presence of a full page spread, but only taking up a fourth of a page.

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