Swamp Thing 3 (January 2012)

It’s terrible.

It’s incredibly terrible.

Snyder’s first couple issues never even hinted at his terrible idea for Swamp Thing.

Though he does seem to think a callback to the Swamp Thing movie is going to earn him brownie points… as he craps on Len Wein, Alan Moore… Rick Veitch… Nancy Collins… Josh Dysart… Well, maybe not Collins.

What’s so stupendously bad about the plot–from the editorial standpoint–is how Snyder’s creating his own organic elemental, which is already going on over in Animal Man. I assumed the two things would tie together.

Apparently not.

I’m also not clear why Abby is so badly written. I understand Snyder’s trying to revive the character, make her tough and whatnot, but it didn’t have to be ludicrous.

He also takes the book away from Alec Holland, who–shockingly–turns out to have been a better lead.

And the final reveal’s crap.


Come Hither, Child; writer, Scott Snyder; artists, Victor Ibáñez and Yanick Paquette; colorist, Nathan Fairbairn; letterer, John J. Hill; editor, Matt Idelson; publisher, DC Comics.


  1. Vernon Wiley

    Well, I finally read it.

    And while I don’t think it’s as craptacular as you state, I will agree that there’s not a single original idea here. When someone does retreads over the initial premise, and states an even BIGGER menace from it’s ashes, it’s time to bail. This might of even been passable, but the new DC 52 legacy of “little to show in plot advancement issue to issue”, really kills any momentum here. This book has been neutered, pure and simple, and I doubt we’re even going to get any level of story close to the title’s glory days here. Sad indeed, for a book that’s had an incomprehensible run of good creators in it’s history.

    But DC seem totally committed to crapping on their own history, merely for being able to dish out a comic that “passes muster” in today’s world of non- edited, shittily written floppies. Ugh.

    PS-Just so you know, Animal Man #3 DOES cross links with the red & green now being threatened by the black. The fact that Swampy doesn’t acknowledge this is just odd. I guess the editor had to take a pee break.