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Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 6 (August 2006)

Even with Fowler back, nothing can stop Revolution from having a lousy finish.

O’Brien introduces a fighter pet gorilla. He just shows up. Maybe Templeton planned a second limited series from his point of view… I’m glad he never got around to telling that bad story.

This issue is loose with the characters. O’Brien was never good at making any of them interesting, so when they start dying off, the momentous scenes have no weight. The whole thing just can’t end fast enough.

And then when it does end, when O’Brien finishes with an inane development (apes learned to talk seven days after the Conquest movie), then there’s the backup.

Templeton continues the silliness of his backups, but almost has something interesting. Sort of a Back to the Future thing. He lets it pass and goes with something dumb instead.

Revolution is an awful comic book.

Great Fowler art though.

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