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DC Universe Presents 2 (December 2011)

There’s something sadly desperate about DC having werewolves and supernatural social clubs, which this issue of DC Universe Presents reveals. They’re now trying to attract the Twilight audience.

It’s so desperate it’s sad.

Also sad is most of Chang’s artwork this issue. About the only character he draws well is Deadman himself, who spends most of the issue jumping from body to body.

Worse, Jenkins’s plotting has gone to the dumps. He wastes a few pages with Deadman and the god Rama, where we and Deadman both know she’s lying to him, but not even giving him tasks lying, just wasting pages lying.

Then Jenkins has to wrap up the rest of last issue’s cliffhanger before Deadman goes on his adventure to the supernatural club. Now, if last issue’s cliffhanger wasn’t important, why put it in a comic? Jenkins’s writing is lazy, unfocused and uninspired.

Universe has plunged in quality.


Twenty Questions, Part Two; writer, Paul Jenkins; artist, Bernard Chang; colorist, Blond; letterer, Dave Sharpe; editor, Wil Moss; publisher, DC Comics.

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