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Snarked (2011) #1

Snarked 1Langridge has a lot to do in the first issue of Snarked. I’d probably be lost if I hadn’t read the zero issue.

But it’s not just a lot of little events he has to cover—Princess Scarlett becomes Queen and ends up in semi-exile, under the reluctant care of the Walrus and McDunk—he has to re-introduce the characters to everyone who hasn’t read the zero issue.

The result is Scarlett being far more dynamic. Even though she’s nowhere near as visually interesting as the Walrus—a formally dressed walrus in a porkpie hat trumps all—Langridge knows she’s the issue’s center. It makes Snarked, which is geared toward adults in terms of its intelligent humor (though Langridge is sure to keep it kid-friendly as far as dialogue goes), a great comic for girls of all ages.

Langridge gets Snarked off to a fine, confident start.

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