Underground (2009) #1


I really liked this comic, but I’m almost worried I’m too jaded to properly appreciate it. This first issue sets up the characters–the guy and the girl park rangers who wake up the morning after to what turns into a really bad day–and there’s also the situational setup, where Parker’s got something relatively unique in Underground.

It’s set in Kentucky. The people don’t care about the environment, just getting financially stable, but Parker’s also makes sure to point out they’re not the smartest eggs in the bunch. It’s a nice mix, not degrading them, just matter-of-factly presenting them.

So it’s an area with tension, but not melodramatic tension; the park rangers aren’t melodramatic either. I guess my only real concern is with the tone. I can’t see what Parker’s going to do to get a really tense situation here.

Nice Lieber art. Unsure about the coloring.