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Black Widow: Deadly Origin (2010) #4

Black Widow Deadly Origin 4

What’s so amusingly sad about the final issue of Deadly Origin is Cornell’s pop psychology to explain the villain’s intentions. I think if Cornell had sat down and watched a bad episode of “Another World,” he would have come off with a deeper understanding of the human condition and how to apply it to the contrived plot he has going here. It’s really a dreadful finish.

But the worst part is all the John Paul Leon flashback art is in the first half of the issue. The rest of it is left to Raney and Hanna, who do the same bad job they’ve been doing the rest of the time. It’s a little worse, I suppose, since Raney’s got to render a SHIELD helicarrier stand-in… in space. It looks really stupid.

The Leon work at the beginning is just wonderful. Makes me wish he’d do a full Marvel series.

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