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Space Warped 1 (June 2011)


Space Warped is one of Kaboom!’s first titles (maybe their first title) and it’s a charming Star Wars riff from France. The art from Rudy Spieserrt is great, especially the expressions on the characters’ faces. He has a great sense of pacing the scenes, waiting for the joke, then the reaction.

The one problem I see for it—besides it being funny without being uproarious, I mean Star Wars is thirty years old at this point and Space Warped doesn’t bring anything to the table Hardware Wars did—is the humor being a little too adult.

Maybe kids in France get the jokes about druids and such, but I can’t see American kids even knowing druid is spelled similarly to droid.

Also, the comic directly equates droids’ (or druids’) servitude to slavery, something the movies never touched on. It’s a mature observation and out of place.

Still, it’s cute.


Writer, Hervé Bourhis; artist, Rudy Spiessert; colorist, Mathilda; letterer, Deron Bennett; editors, Dafna Pleban and Lewis Trondheim; publisher, kaboom!.

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