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Black Widow: Deadly Origin (2010) #2

Black Widow Deadly Origin 2

I wish I knew who had the idea suggesting Black Widow and Mockingbird were lesbian lovers, Cornell or his editor… Because unless the next issue reveals Natasha’s only into guys for country and it’s girls for self, it’s the lamest writing move I’ve read since Jeph Loeb had a fifteen year-old girl make out with Poison Ivy to please debauched readers.

Besides that weak finish, this issue is mildly better than the first. It’s incredibly confusing and a bad story, but it’s better than the first issue. I guess Black Widow is now the Russian equivalent of Captain America only she didn’t go on cold storage.

Actually, the real reason this issue’s better is it seems like there’s more Leon, even if he’s just more spread out through the issue, and at least Leon’s competent. Raney and Milla’s renderings are hideous, whether Natasha or her supporting cast.

Origin stinks.

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  1. Aside from the nifty Ada Granov covers, I totally understand why you’ve left this series in the lurch. I doubt your dedicated fans would fault you for ignoring the rest of this tripe entirely. Nuff Said!

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