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Black Widow: Deadly Origin (2010) #1

Black Widow Deadly Origin 1

I thought I liked Paul Cornell. I would have reexamine that affection, or I can just finish reading Deadly Origin and it’ll do it for me.

Apparently, Natasha’s really old. Like pre-WWII old. And she’s been artificially de-aged and she used to know Wolverine and Bucky when he was Winter Soldier for the Commies.

This might be the stupidest retcon I’ve ever read, but it’s hard to make that kind of final judgment because it’s so bewildering. What’s the point to making Natasha a WWII hero? What’s the point of the Wolverine tie-in? I thought Marvel had stopped tying everyone into Wolverine. Maybe sales dipped again.

The real monstrosity is the art. Regardless how stupid the plot, Tom Raney and Scott Hanna’s art is infinitely worse. They draw Natasha like she’s a teenager (with eighties hair).

John Paul Leon’s fill-in pages are better, but not great.

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