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Red Herring (2009) #1


It’s hard, from the first issue, to guess where David Tischmann is going with Red Herring. As it turns out—unexpectedly—it appears to be a comedic political thriller, something along the lines of a national Carl Hiaasen novel (instead of just Florida).

Also of note is how little Tischmann seems to care about making the characters likable. He’s got Philip Bond on the art and Bond’s good at making people look amusing. There’s a complete disconnect between tone and art (except when the government witness gets attacked by pigeons) and it works really well for Red Herring. Tischmann makes it impossible to take the issue for granted.

He introduces something in the neighborhood of fourteen characters this issue—though at least five of them are supporting. It’s a nice big conspiracy-sized cast.

The issue’s all setup, so it’s hard to get too involved, but it’s certainly starting well.

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