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Buzzard (2010) #1


I’d like to say Buzzard is bad, because so much of the issue is a waste of time, but I can’t make that statement.

Oh, sure, most of the Buzzard story is a waste of time. It’s like Powell had a bunch of sketches he finished and tied them together with a loose narration—he skips through time and space, doing pretty much whatever he wants. Then, over three-quarters through, there’s actual dialogue and the story is all of a sudden good. Whatever Powell’s problems as a writer, they aren’t on the scenic level.

But there’s the Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities backup, also written by Powell, but with art by Kyle Hotz. The backup makes the issue fantastic. Hotz’s artwork is great, but Powell’s writing’s excellent too. Powell writes funny dialogue and odd situations with peculiar characters.

Why he avoided his strengths in the feature is inexplicable.

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