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Brink (2010, Shawn Christensen)

A scene from BRINK, directed by Shawn Christensen.

Brink is a mix of high and low concepts and almost unbearable pretension. It’s probably the most pretentious eight minutes I’ve seen on film, but since it only runs eight minutes… it’s tolerable.

The short starts out with Justin Chatwin writing a love letter to Allison Huntington Chase. It’s absurd and written in big, unbelievably legible handwriting so the viewer can read parts of it. He’s been in love with her forever but scared she’ll reject him. Whoop-de-do.

But wait… the film’s actual concept is the world is ending because gravity has ceased to function on the planet Earth. Here’s where Christensen’s ability at composition is spectacular. As a writer, he’s crap. But who cares? He’ll make great car commercials.

Will the young lovers find each other? Is Darren Morze’s astoundingly self-important score tiring?

Chatwin and Chase are laughable, but—again—it’s Christensen’s fault.

Brink’s mildly horrific.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed and photographed by Shawn Christensen; edited by Christensen, Damon Russell, Jeremy Jurin and Jim Kamoosi; music by Darren Morze; produced by Russell.

Starring Justin Chatwin (Jeremy) and Allison Huntington Chase (Evelyn)


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