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Buzzard (2010) #2


Oh, good grief, does the imagery have to be so gross? Powell gets through the Buzzard story with cannibalism (sort of dead), lots of dead and decapitated, but Hotz is able to out-gross him in just one panel in the Billy the Kid backup.

Powell’s actually really lazy in the feature. I think only a couple panels are finished. The rest are all just inked, none of that rounded effect Powell’s work usually has to it. So the story has to work on Powell’s writing alone—the art’s not bad, just not compelling. The writing isn’t compelling either.

Buzzard’s sidekick is really funny but it takes most of the story to use him right. It’s a comedy, it needs to play as such. Powell takes too long to realize.

But the Billy the Kid writing is much stronger. It moves and works.

It’s an iffy series, but somehow worthwhile.

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