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Xombi (1994) #19


Talk about padding. Before I forget, the fiancée does come up again for a brief mention. No appearance, but a mention.

The issue itself is David and the Rabbi going through some more strange stuff and then waiting for this ancient, immortal woman. It turns out she’s David’s soulmate or something, but he doesn’t know it yet and she isn’t sure she’s going to tell him. Rozum’s dragging this meeting out—the issue ends on the softest of cliffhangers, David being brought to see her.

There’s action, at least the implication of it, elsewhere though. These super bad guys—bogeymen dread, which sounds too Judge Dredd to me—have escaped. One would think they would be the villains in the story arc, but it doesn’t seem likely. Instead, the villain is Rozum.

He can’t get around to doing anything. His details are neat but inessential.

But nothing in Xombi’s essential.

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