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Xombi (1994) #17


After what seems like his editorially mandated guest star issues… Rozum gets Xombi back on track. This issue continues directly from what Rozum promised three issues ago—David gets to find out about the strange world he lives in.

It doesn’t open with him, however. Instead, it opens with the reader finding out David is going to destroy the world. Someday.

When he does show up, his friend the Rabbi takes him on a tour of the supernatural in the city. There’s a lot of creepy, disturbing stuff, but Rozum gets to the point at the very end of the issue. He breaks down the difference between a zombie and a xombi. It’s sixteen issues late, but it’s a welcome acknowledgment before the soft cliffhanger.

Birch is getting sloppy here. David doesn’t look the same from panel to panel, but Birch’s composition is still strong.

It’s decent, but too slight.

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