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Matter Fisher (2010, David Prosser)

A scene from MATTER FISHER, directed by David Prosser for The Royal College of Art.

For most of its seven or eight minute running time, Matter Fisher manages to be style over substance. In a great way. There’s no heavy-handed narrative, no attempt at fashioning a satisfying narrative. It’s just a beautifully made mix of CG and hand-drawn animation as this anonymous fisherman accidentally destroys the universe.

Director Prosser comes up with some great imagery and he knows how to pace out his shots for the best effect. It’s occasionally confusing—this stray piece of matter sucks in the rest of planet (eventually) but it’s not clear why it was light enough to be accidentally brought on a fishing boat—but the audiovisual experience distracts from thinking too hard.

In the end, Matter’s an effective, masterfully made animation, it’s just not much of a narrative. It’s unfortunate Prosser chose to try to make it one, especially since he avoided it for so long.



Produced, directed and edited by David Prosser; screenplay by Prosser, developed by Matthew Hall; released by the Royal College of Art.


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