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Bad Dog (2009) #3


Okay, the sidekick’s name is Wendell. Not sure why it stuck with me this time since he’s not in the issue very much. Instead, it’s Lou and this other character off fighting border hoppers.

Except they’re not really border hoppers, at least not in the traditional sense. I won’t spoil, since Kelly spends half the issue setting it up (and even takes a page after the reveal to make sure the reader gets the implications).

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of what he’s doing. He misleads the reader just to make that reveal a surprise, which means about half the issue is wasted one misdirecting dialogue and so on. It’s treading water until the big twist, wasting valuable pages.

While Kelly does continue one of his subplots, he ignores the two bigger ones. There’s maybe a reference to one on the last page, but it’s not enough to be interesting.

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