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Bad Dog (2009) #2


Kelly follows the same format as before, with some minor changes. There’s a lot of humor, then some action, then some more humor and then the serious stuff.

The humor goes a little crazy here, actually, overloading the book. Kelly implies the serious material more than concentrates on it, instead emphasizing the absurdity of the protagonist’s sidekick. I remember the protagonist’s name is Lou, but I’m still iffy on the priest sidekick’s name. Though Kelly manages to be more blasphemous, on a per panel rate, than Garth Ennis. Kelly’s got some inspired lines.

But the humor goes even further, this time with the villains being neo-Nazis. There’s nothing more fun than watching a werewolf and his drunken priest sidekick humiliate and torture a bunch of white supremacists. It’s like Kelly’s using the book to amuse more than tell a story.

And amuse he does.

Great art, again, from Greco.

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