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T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (2011) #6


Um. I don’t know if Spencer could have written an issue with less content. I mean… this thing is paced worse than one of those Ultimate Spider-Man’s where Peter just stares at a something for twenty pages.

The mission is over. Nothing is resolved with the twist from the last issue. In fact, Spencer just avoids it. The supporting cast all get two pages of useless story; none of them are active in those pages, which makes very little sense.

The female protagonist, Colleen, sort of takes over the book but for almost no reason. Whatever importance she has beyond being in charge, Spencer’s going to reveal later—he hints at it a little (there’s no backup artist this time, which doesn’t exactly hurt, but doesn’t help).

It’s like the whole issue exists on the presumption the reader will give it a pass for the previous ones being excellent.

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