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Xombi (1994) #12


Rozum brings in David’s fiancée here—though only on the phone—but he doesn’t really need her. The issue, written from David’s perspective (which is good as it was the last time), is more about introducing David’s friends.

His regular friends… who don’t notice he looks twenty years younger.

Birch now draws David like a punk teenager (punk as in punk rock). It’s either an interesting choice or Birch is just rushing. I’m think it’s a little more the latter.

The regular friends are not particularly interesting characters; neither of the two who know David’s condition are impressed. There’s some shock and awe in the dialogue, but it’s muted. It’s like this kind of thing happens all the time.

Finally, David decides he’s going to have to be a freak and hang out with the freaks.

It reads like it should’ve been the second issue.

At least Rozum’s tone’s good.

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