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T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (2011) #5


Yeah, I definitely think the longer first two issues spoiled me. Or maybe it’s just the position Spencer puts the reader in. After totally changing the status quo with the last cliffhanger, he changes it again this issue. Or at least he implies he didn’t totally change it like he suggested.

Maybe I’m just upset about the lack of fleshed out flashback sequences. The second issue spoiled me there. Here, it’s just a few pages of Ryan Sook and then no more….

It’s slick, computer colored Sook, but still Sook.

Spencer also introduces some of philosophy behind the villains–it’s kind of amusing, very hip and all, but it’s unclear how important it’s going to be.

The element of absurd humor is something new to the book; it’s still earnest and serious, but there’s now a knowing wink to Spencer’s writing.

He practically seems British (he’s not), commenting on American expectations.

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  1. Thunder Agents and their ilk were published in the early sixties by Tower comics, and all the heroes presented so far have earlier established identities.
    Wally Wood was the spear head here, and while his connections bring him lots of great sixties artists, they never took off, and weren’t quite as flashy as the Marvel/DC stuff. Fairly pedestrian writing also, as I recall (Did they have writers?). If you read the sixth issue you’ll have read it before I, just another example of you younger kids these days being ahead yet again in this unfair world…

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