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Xombi (1994) #9


More mentions of Xombi‘s meaning—it’s pronounced zombie, notch—but nothing explaining how David became one (it’s not just a science thing, presumably, but also a magic thing) when he had his science-driven origin. His friends don’t talk much about it either.

Rozum does something very strange here, bringing another of the supporting cast into the issue for what seems to be no reason. Next issue might reveal his reasoning and I hope it does… otherwise, it’s pretty clear he’s padding these issues out.

Birch ends the issue on a rather hideous image. It’s easily the most hideous image in the issue, so it’s good he saved it for the last page.

Otherwise, not much happens. One of the supporting cast is doing magic to save the day. Magic takes a while.

Oh, and there’s an angel guest-starring, so I guess Heaven is in continuity.

It’s competently blah.

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