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Xombi (1994) #10


Rozum paces the issue somewhat well. He was some twists in the first few pages by the end, I thought they happened last issue as the hard cliffhanger. It lets him utilize a couple different tones to it.

Of course, Birch helps with the tone too. The end becomes this frantic chase sequence, usually comedic; when the issue ends on its own cliffhanger, it’s a surprise. It seemed like Rozum was going to wrap things up.

In fact, resolved events are turned back, left unresolved. Rozum finds a great deus ex machine and he brings it in and… well, maintains the series’s meandering nature.

One interesting thing at the beginning of this issue—Rozum decides it takes place two months after the first issue. One would think David Kim would have a very interesting life in those two months, but apparently not.

Xombi’s a good read… but nothing ever happens.

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